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The market must be rethought in order to be and remain successful in the future. Conventional recruiting methods have not been successful for some time. A solution has to be found. It is precisely this solution that we provide you with through innovations in the training and recruiting market.

New applicants
every day

You are desperately looking for new applicants? We have them! Every day, we receive new applications from real IT talents who are just waiting to get started in IT. With us, you are sure to find the right IT personnel for your company.

talent check

Our talent check ensures that our applicants have the necessary motivation and passion for IT. All candidates go through an online assessment center and have a personal interview with our HR experts.

educational innovation

With the Provadis School of International Management and Technology, we develop an individual course for our partner companies that focuses on their specific requirements and the individual needs of the candidates.


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Over 137,000 vacancies in IT show: The job market needs to be rethought. We believe that anyone with talent, passion and motivation for IT should have the chance to help shape our digital future.

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Success Stories

Talent has many faces.
Here are their stories.

We are sure you are interested in the faces behind our IT talents. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to two of our talents who have successfully mastered the path to becoming an IT career changer, with their very own story.


"IT surrounds us all today. IT is in our back pockets. We work with it every day. It's a super exciting industry that will continue to grow strongly."

Björn McCreight

38 years, Sales Engineer

"I wanted to go into IT for a long time, but had no luck with it. gotoitcareer gave me a platform and a chance."

Shweta Tyagi

28 years, chemistry teacher from India

Facts and figures

70% of gotoitcareer
applicants are academics.

Our applicants are mostly academics who bring a lot of motivation and passion for IT and have been looking for a way into the industry for a long time. Together with you as a partner company, we can give even more people with IT talent the chance to enter IT.


Our applicants

Applicants with academic background
Female applicants


Find, qualify and
hire IT talents


We not only find the right IT talent for your company, but also train them directly for you.

  • Recruiting

    Are you looking for suitable IT personnel? We have them! Real IT talents who are just waiting to get started in the IT industry.

  • Talent Check

    Talent knows no origin, no age and no gender. With our assessment center, we find the real IT talent for your company.

  • Applicant Management

    As a partner company, you can view all current applicants and their application documents in our portal in order to make your own company decisions.

  • Qualification

    After applicants have successfully gone through the entire application process, we train them with an individual course of study, customized to your company.


Christopher Pilz, Founder

Start your own
IT talent factory today

If you are looking for IT talent, you have come to the right place! Make an appointment directly with our founder Christopher Pilz and discuss all possibilities.


The Provadis University
- Our strong Future Skills Expert

Provadis University is a state-recognized university of applied sciences located in Frankfurt-Höchst. As the second largest dual university of applied sciences in Hesse, it offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in technology and management. The university trains future IT specialists for many big names in the service and industrial sectors, such as Deutsche Telekom, CGI Deutschland and Accenture. Provadis University works with us and our partner companies to develop degree programs that fit the company's specific requirements and content.


Educational innovation: The key to success

Until now, the duration of training has been a key problem. Together with Provadis, we have created an educational innovation: We train IT specialists in three to six months instead of the usual three to five years. In these few months, experienced instructors provide candidates with the ideal know-how for their new job in the IT industry.

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Intuitive tooling for efficient applicant management

As a partner company, you can view all current applicants and their application documents in your own portal. This allows you to make a quick, well-founded, and secure decision on the inclusion of candidates in the company's own selection process in an efficient manner.



Frequently asked questions


As a partner company, can we train any job profiles?

That is possible. Together with Provadis and you as a partner company, we train a wide variety of job profiles. Together we determine the job descriptions, the corresponding requirements, content, from which an individual course of study is developed. For example, professions such as cloud consultant, IT account manager, network specialist, programming specialist or IT security specialist are possible. The only restriction: It must be a job description from the tech industry.

Can any number of managers in our company have access to our portal?

They can decide for themselves who they give access to the portal. In this way, all managers involved or responsible can be easily integrated into the workflow.

As a partner company, can we determine the start of the course ourselves?

The start of your studies will be determined in consultation with Provadis University. You should expect three to four months.

How many students can be trained at the same time?

The courses are designed for a maximum of 30 participants.