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gotoitcareer is based on the idea that anyone with talent, passion, motivation can work in the fascinating world of the tech industry. Lateral entrants should also have access to the most inspiring, exciting, innovative industry of our decade. We build your chance.

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What we offer you

Become part of the most exciting industry.


No costs

From the application to the dual certificate program, you will not incur any costs on your way to becoming an IT career changer. These are completely covered by your future employer.

Guaranteed job entry

We will place you with one of our partner companies from the tech industry before the start of your dual certificate program. This way, we can guarantee your entry into the job market as an IT career changer.

Monthly salary

You don't have to worry about your livelihood either. Even during the dual certificate program for IT career changers, you will receive a monthly salary from your future employer.

Christopher Pilz

Discuss your career directly with the CEO!

Would you like to start your career in the IT industry? Then apply now, start your application process and soon you too might be discussing your career with Christopher!

Success stories

Welcome to the

Are you curious about who else is working in the industry? Who has already embarked on this exciting journey? What drives others and why they chose IT? Do you want to know what your day-to-day life in the tech industry could look like and what opportunities you have? Then take a look at the videos.

Tim Selzer

IT Sales

Tim Selzer

Are you just as enthusiastic as Tim about the combination of technology and communication with customers? What could be better than IT sales? Take a look at what Tim finds so fascinating about his job in IT sales.

Christoph Müller

Frontend Engineer

Christoph Müller

Do you think that your creative streak is not compatible with IT? That IT is just pure technology? Then listen to Christoph's story and you will get to know a whole new side of the tech industry.

Luca Walter

Software Engineer

Luca Walter

Luca has also found his way into IT. He describes his day-to-day work as versatile and, above all, varied. Take a look at what else fascinates him about the IT industry and what exactly he does today.

Do you have a passion for IT? Are you talented or does the tech industry simply appeal to you? Then seize your chance and enter the fascinating world of IT with all its diversity, openness and future!

Your talent
is more
than a degree

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Apply now as an IT career changer and move into IT as soon as possible!

How it works

One click to become an IT career changer.

One click to become an IT career changer.



Your first step to becoming an IT career changer is to apply via our application form. The application is completely non-binding and free of charge.


Discover talent

Once you have applied, the online assessment follows, in which you can discover your talent as an IT career changer. Of course, the online assessment does not ask for any specialist knowledge - after all, you are an IT career changer.

Discover talent


Personal data

We want to learn more about you - In your third step to becoming an IT career changer, we need your personal data. All you have to do is to complete your personal profile.


Personal conversation

Now we get to know each other personally. In a video call we can learn more about you, your passion, your ideas and especially your motivation to become an IT career changer.

Personal conversation


Placement with partner companies

Once you have successfully completed the application process, we will place you with one of our partner companies, where you can start your IT career as an IT career changer.


Dual certificate program

The final step is a dual certificate program in which you, as an IT career changer, are taught the knowledge you need for your new job. The costs are borne entirely by your future employer.


With our partner of educational innovation to your future as an IT career changer.

The Provadis School is our exclusive partner for educational innovation and supports us on the journey from IT career changer to IT expert. In unique certificate courses tailored to the requirements of your employer and your own needs as an IT career changer, you will be taught all relevant professional future skills and industry background of IT. In just a few months, you will be perfectly prepared for your IT career through exciting, practice-oriented modules. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a university certificate that lays the foundation for your start as an IT career changer.

Education partner

Provadis - Our
strong future skills


Provadis Hochschule is a state-recognized university of applied sciences located in Frankfurt-Höchst. As the second largest dual university of applied sciences in Hesse, it offers courses in the fields of technology and management. It trains future IT specialists for companies such as Deutsche Telekom, CGI Deutschland and Accenture. Together with gotoitcareer, Provadis develops exclusive IT degree programs for well-known companies that are perfectly geared to IT career changers. Through its nationwide, company-integrated degree programs, Provadis University is known far beyond the borders of Hesse - for example in Bonn and Berlin.


No costs

Do you want to become an IT career changer, but studying is too expensive for you? Then we have the solution for you. If you are hired by one of our partner companies, they will pay the costs of the dual certificate program for IT career changers

Flexibility and mobility

You don't have time to study at the moment? No problem, because you can already choose the start of your dual certificate program for IT career changers flexibly. At our partner companies, you also have the opportunity to work on a mobile basis.

From IT career changer to IT expert

ECTS capable points

With the help of Provadis University, we have managed to create a dual certificate program that allows you to become an IT career changer. All courses in your studies are ECTS eligible and can be recognized with the help of your employer.

Excellent academic content

Our degree programs for IT career changers are individually tailored to your future job and your needs. You can expect exclusive study programs and exciting content from a state-recognized university that will prepare you perfectly for your job as an IT career changer.

IT career in just
a few months!

IT career in a few months? Not possible? Not with us. Together with the Provadis University, we provide you with the ideal know-how for the IT industry in just three to six months. Immerse yourself with our experienced lecturers in the impressive world of IT, its endless possibilities and the opportunities that are available to you! Do you want to be part of the digital transformation and create the future? Let´s go - do with us what you dream of!

Partner companies

And who will be your new employer as an IT career changer?

We collaborate with intriguing and renowned entities within the technology sector. By doing so, we open doors for you, someone transitioning their career into IT, enabling you to bring your complete skill set to captivating enterprises eagerly anticipating your arrival as a fresh addition to their team...


Do you want to make a difference? Shape the digital world of tomorrow? Drive large projects forward? Then you're ready for Bechtle. Bechtle is one of the most successful IT companies and market leader in the industry.

Learn more

We open new

Opportunities are built to be lived. Seize your chance and actively shape the future. Take the first step with us, start your personal adventure and live out your passion professionally in the future!

Take your chance

The application is free of charge and without obligation.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone apply to gotoitcareer?

For us, only you as a personality count. Your professional background, nationality, marital status, school-leaving certificate are not relevant to us. Do you have the will to work in IT, are you curious, want to try something new? Then you´re exactly right with us.

Do I need to have IT skills?

No, you don't have to have come into contact with IT yet. All that counts for us is passion, willingness to perform, you as a person. We will teach you the IT knowledge you need for your career in the industry during your three to six months short course of study. In this way, we prepare you perfectly for your new job, even without prior specialist knowledge, and you can start your future in IT safely and well equipped.

Is my application non-binding?

In the first step, there´s no obligation. You only tell us about your interest. In the further process, we will find out whether IT is your thing.

Will I incur any costs if I apply?

No, there are no costs to you during the entire process. Neither if you are hired by a company, nor if one side decides against hiring you during the process. We want to build you the chance to become a part of the fascinating world of IT and walk this path together with you.

Do I already receive remuneration during the training?

Yes, your performance will of course be remunerated during the short study period. You will be hired as a full employee by your new employer. The amount of your salary will be determined by our partner companies. After successful completion of the short study program, your salary will be increased and adjusted to the salaries in the company.

Which companies will I be placed with?

We have various partner companies in which we can place you. The placement is done taking into account your needs, personality, profile, values that match your future employer. Under the menu item "Partner companies" you can see which companies we work with.

Can I also apply to a specific partner company or will you assign me to a suitable search profile?

When you apply at gotoitcareer, we assign you to a suitable company during the process. We make sure that your needs, your profile, your values match those of the company. Of course, you can also apply to a specific partner company. Each of our partner companies has its own page on our website, where you can apply quickly and easily. You can find the companies in the menu under "Partner companies".

What can I do if I am unsure which job suits me?

If you are unsure which position fits you, just use the general application form on our applicant´s page. We will assign you to a suitable job, make sure that your needs and the company´s needs are a good match.

What is the next step for me after successful recruitment?

Congratulations on your new job! After you and one of our partner companies have found each other, your short study program starts. Within three to six months, you will be prepared for your future job in the tech industry by our educational partner, Provadis University. During your studies, you will be taught all relevant content, which will be based on your individual needs as well as the requirements of your employer. In this way, you will be optimally prepared for your new job and start your IT career perfectly equipped.

What distinguishes gotoitcareer from a classic job board?

We want to give everyone with passion, motivation, interest in the industry the chance to work in IT. Unlike traditional job boards, you don't apply for a specific job that has to fit your profile, but for a career in IT in general. You are not applying for a specific position, nor do you have to have any previous experience. Only your interest in the industry and your personality are decisive. We offer career changers the opportunity to work in the fascinating world of the tech industry. After successfully completing the application process, we will introduce you to a company that matches your needs, profile, values. From here on, you and the company decide on a future together.