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doesn't have to be straight.

gotoitcareer is based on the idea that anyone with talent, passion, motivation can work in the fascinating world of the tech industry. Lateral entrants should also have access to the most inspiring, exciting, innovative industry of our decade. We build your chance.

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Become part of the most exciting industry.


Career ahead

Live your IT career with creative freedom, mobile working and a high degree of individual responsibility in the innovative, inspiring world of the tech industry.

Shape the future

Don´t just watch from the outside anymore. Actively shape the future in your new job in the tech industry and be part of the digital transformation.

Attractive industry

Work in the most interesting industry of our time and receive attractive remuneration, many benefits, excellently equipped and future-proof jobs.

Christopher Pilz

Discuss your career directly with the CEO!

Would you like to start your career in the IT industry? Then apply now, start your application process and soon you too might be discussing your career with Christopher!

Sabine Bader

Everything is

Our management demonstrated it. With talent, passion, willingness to perform, you can achieve anything! Sabine is driven by the belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to make the most of their lives and careers.

Martin Krill

Rethink your

Martin is driven by the innovations behind gotoitcareer. The future of companies and the economy will be shaped by digitization and technology, which is why Martin wishes to give everyone the chance to rebuild their future.

Success stories

Welcome to the

Are you curious about who else is working in the industry? Who has already embarked on this exciting journey? What drives others and why they chose IT? Do you want to know what your day-to-day life in the tech industry could look like and what opportunities you have? Then take a look at the videos.

Tim Selzer

UX Designer

Tim Selzer

Tim knew early on that he wanted to work in the tech industry. Take a look at what fascinates him about the industry, what exactly he does today, what he has to tell you about IT.

Christoph Müller

Frontend Engineer

Christoph Müller

Do you think that your creative streak is not compatible with IT? That IT is just pure technology? Then listen to Christoph's story and you will get to know a whole new side of the tech industry.

Enzo Volkmann

Software Engineer

Enzo Volkmann

Enzo has also discovered his passion for the industry. Let yourself be surprised what he has to tell you about diversity, technology, his very own motivation.

Work should turn your passion into a career. It should promote your talent, inspire you, show you full appreciation. Your tasks should be responsible and self-determined, your employer future-oriented, your team open, diverse, multicultural.

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Let´s find out together whether IT is your thing! Once you have successfully completed the process, nothing stands in the way of your IT career. Let´s start with the first step: apply to us. Just show us with a single mouse click what appeals to you, tell us your name and the exciting path starts.



Talent check & interview

You have applied to us and are wondering what is waiting for you now? The answer is in your email inbox! Immediately after your application, we will send you an email and you will be guided through the next steps. We learn more about your talent via an online assessment that you can do comfortably from your home. Afterwards you can prove your qualities as a filmmaker and shoot us a self-conducted video interview. Don't worry...your skills behind the camera won't be judged, we're only interested in you. Everything went well? Then we get to know each other personally...

Vermittlung an Unternehmen


Placement at companies

From the third step you can sit back, relax and we will take care of the process. After we have learned more about you and your talent, we can suggest you to our partner companies as a new employee. For this we assign you to suitable search profiles of the companies. One thing is for sure: If the companies think you are a suitable reinforcement for their team, they will not take long tow hit for.

Zertifiziertes Kurzstudium


Certified short course

After you have been successfully hired, you will take the next step together with your new employer and the Provadis University. In just three to six months, you will complete a short course of study in which experienced lecturers will teach you all the relevant skills and the background of the IT industry. After successful completion, you not only hold your university certificate in your hands, but also are perfectly prepared for your new job!


Find your dream job
with our partner in
educational innovation.

The Provadis School of Management and Technology is our exclusive partner for educational innovation. In unique certificate courses, which are tailored to the requirements of your employer and your very own needs, you will be taught all the relevant professional future skills and the IT industry backgrounds. Due to their own professional expertise, your lecturers know exactly what is important to the companies. In just a few months, you will be perfectly prepared for your IT career through exciting, practice-oriented modules. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a university certificate that lays the foundation for your further professional career. Start with us in the interesting world of IT, become part of the digital transformation and help shape the future.


Education partner

Provadis - Our
strong future skills

The Provadis University is a state-recognized university of applied sciences based in Frankfurt-Höchst. As the second largest dual university of applied sciences in Hesse, it offers bachelor's and master's courses in the fields of technology and management. The university of applied sciences trains future IT specialists for many big names in the service and industrial sectors such as Deutsche Telekom, CGI Germany and Accenture. In addition, together with gotoitcareer, Provadis develops exclusive IT courses for well-known companies in all sectors. Thanks to nationwide, company-integrated courses, the Provadis University is known far beyond the borders of Hesse - for example in Bonn and Berlin.


IT career in just
a few months!

IT career in a few months? Not possible? Not with us. Together with the Provadis University, we provide you with the ideal know-how for the IT industry in just three to six months. Immerse yourself with our experienced lecturers in the impressive world of IT, its endless possibilities and the opportunities that are available to you! Do you want to be part of the digital transformation and create the future? Let´s go - do with us what you dream of!


Start your

With the Provadis University, we create your own degree program that focuses on the requirements of your employer and your individual needs. In just three to six months, you will acquire the ideal know-how for starting your IT career.


Trust in
your chance.

Big names like Accenture, Deutsche Telekom or CGI Germany already trust in the skills and expertise of the Provadis University. You too can rely on it, together we build your chance.



Shape your

In exciting, practice-oriented modules, we impart the elementary knowledge and all relevant future skills to you. Experienced lecturers will teach you the essential know-how for the digital world. A solid education is the perfect start to your IT career.


Use your

Work is what you do. Not where you are. Mobile working is a top priority in the tech industry. So you can easily combine your private life, learning, work in an ideal way.

Partner companies

Who will be your
new employer?

We work with interesting, well-known names in the tech industry. This is how we create the opportunity for you to bring all your talent to exciting companies that are already looking forward to you as a new team member...


Do you want to make a difference? Shape the digital world of tomorrow? Drive large projects forward? Then you're ready for Bechtle. Bechtle is one of the most successful IT companies and market leader in the industry.

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Are you looking for staff for your IT department and have lost your wits? Then you have landed the perfect match with us! Through our innovative recruiting process, we find reinforcement for the teams of your partner companies...

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Opportunities are built to be lived. Seize your chance and actively shape the future. Take the first step with us, start your personal adventure and live out your passion professionally in the future!

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