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Qualification: (Junior) Account Manager

Various locations, DE

Do you find the tech industry exciting? Does sales appeal to you? Then you have found your perfect match right now.

18. April 2022

What we offer you

Become part of the most
exciting industry.


We enable

Mobile working has become indispensable and provides a lot of freedom. That is why we would like to offer you this opportunity. After consultation with your manager, you can arrange your working hours and your place of work individually.

We support

Through our academy, we can offer you numerous further training opportunities. Whether personal or professional development or for your individual career plans, we are at your side.

We see your

Right from the start you can make a difference in exciting projects and exploit your full potential. Would you like to take on project responsibility? We make it possible for you because we place great trust in our employees.

What´s waiting for you

A look behind
the scenes.



5 / 5

Project responsibility

5 / 5

Mobile working

3 / 5

Additional services

5 / 5


3 / 5

Staff responsibility

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Turn opportunities
into success.

Your professional career or previous knowledge does not count for us. For us, it´s only you who counts. We give you the chance to become part of the most promising and innovative industry of our time. Without a long training and also without costs for you. We believe that everyone can achieve great things.

Dive into the fascinating world of IT, learn more about the industry background, sales psychology, salesperson typologies, or let us teach you more about interviews and moderation. Are you curious about what else we can convey to you? Believe us, the industry is incredibly diverse and exciting. Be brave, apply and break new ground.

Dare and start
the big adventure
with us.

A good career doesn't have to be straight! That's why we want to offer you the chance to become part of the tech industry. Let's find out together if IT is your thing.

Take your chance

The application is free of charge and without obligation.


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after I´m hired?

First of all, congratulations on your recruitment! We look forward to welcoming you as a team member. After you have been hired, you will be trained for your new position by our training partner, the Provadis School of International Management and Technology, in a short course. The course extends over 3 months. After successful completion, you are a certified IT specialist and can start your new job perfectly prepared.

What is the content of my studies?

The course consists of various contents. The content includes, for example, classic business skills such as problem-solving strategies or moderation, but you will also be taught sales-related content such as sales psychology, sales concepts, sales typologies. Care is taken to ensure that the content is tailored to our requirements and your individual needs in order to prepare you perfectly for your new job.

What would my job title be after the training?

You would be a certified IT Sales Specialist after your training.